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Organize media into one folder with a date-centric folder structure

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Media Organizer

Need an organizer for your media content on the computer? Run this!

CLI Usage

    media_organizer [OPTIONS] --target <TARGET_MEDIA> --destination <DESTINATION_PATH>

    -c, --copy                              Copy the files instead of moving them.
    -d, --destination <DESTINATION_PATH>    The destination path of sorted media.
    -f, --file-type <FILE_TYPE>             The file type to sort. [default: *]
    -h, --help                              Print help information
    -t, --target <TARGET_MEDIA>             The target media to sort.
    -V, --version                           Print version information

Example CLI usage

To quickly organize photos in the target folder, run the following command to output them into the default destination directory.

media_organizer --target test-media --destination sorted_media

While developing with cargo, forward the flags.

cargo run -- --target test-media --destination sorted_media


  • Organize photos and videos in a folder structure based off creation dates.

    • Organize a single media file, or a folder containing unorganized media files.

    • Photos organized based off of EXIF creation dates.

      • Whitelisted photo file types. ("jpeg", "jpg", "JPEG", "JPG", "HEIC", "heic", "PNG", "png")
    • Video organized based off of FFMPEG creation dates.

      • Whitelisted video file types. ("mp4", "MP4", "mov", "MOV")
    • User provides target folder of unorganized images. Will move photos to a default photos directory in the directory where the binary was ran. The outputed folders will be the respective creation dates on the media.

  • Allow configurable destination folder.

    • Use the --dest flag.
  • Organize specific file types. Default to any filetype.

  • Option to copy files or move files.

  • Exposed creation date reading functions.


For ffmpeg-next package, follow this guide

Future development

  • Export web assembly binary to use in JS/Node/Electron.

    • Watch out for DEST_FOLDER environment variable.
    • OR! Just use Tauri!?
  • Contribute to Kamadak-exif

  • Organize audio files?

  • Option to index photos.

  • Option to compress image sizes.


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