Cargo Features

asciii = { version = "3.10.0", default-features = false, features = ["travis_compatible", "mini_tool", "full_tool", "server", "webapp", "document_export", "serde_base", "serialization", "deserialization", "meta", "git_statuses", "shell", "version_string", "localize", "cli", "manual"] }
default = cli, deserialization, document_export, git_statuses, localize, serialization, server, shell

These default features are set whenever asciii is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

travis_compatible full_tool? = cli, deserialization, document_export, git_statuses, meta, serialization, shell, version_string
mini_tool = cli, document_export
full_tool = localize, travis_compatible
server default webapp? = actix, actix-files, actix-web, actix-web-actors

Affects asciii::server

Required by the asciii-web binary

webapp = server
document_export default mini_tool? travis_compatible? = handlebars, serialization

Affects subcommands::make, document_export::projects_to_doc, asciii::document_export

serde_base deserialization serialization = serde, serde_derive
serialization default document_export meta? travis_compatible? = serde_base, serde_json

Affects project::export

deserialization default meta? travis_compatible? = num-traits, ordered-float, serde_base, serde_yaml

Affects project::import

meta travis_compatible? = deserialization, serialization

Affects actions::parse_meta, actions::get_api_keys, subcommands::meta

git_statuses default travis_compatible? = git2

Affects git::git_remote, repo::Repository

shell default travis_compatible? = rustyline

Affects cli::shell, subcommands::shell

version_string travis_compatible?
localize default full_tool?
cli default mini_tool? travis_compatible?

Required by the binary

nightly manual

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

rustyline shell

Enables rustyline ^1.0.0

actix server

Enables actix ^0.9

actix-web server

Enables actix-web ^2.0

actix-files server

Enables actix-files ^0.2

actix-web-actors server

Enables actix-web-actors ^2.0

handlebars document_export

Enables handlebars ^2.0

feature: document_export

serde serde_base?
serde_json serialization
serde_yaml deserialization

Enables serde_yaml ^0.8

serde_derive serde_base?
ordered-float deserialization

Enables ordered-float ^1.0

num-traits deserialization
git2 git_statuses

Enables git2 ^0.11

feature: git_statuses