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app aplang

A language designed for AP Computer Science Principles students

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Ap Lang

A language designed to aid students who are taking the AP Computer Science Principals exam.

Quick Start

I will add alternative methods of installation later


To build ApLang you will need the latest stable version of rust as well as git.

If you do not have rust follow the instructions at rustup.rs.
If you do not have git follow the instructions at git-scm.com.

To build locally, first clone the source code:

git clone https://github.com/snowfoxsh/aplang.git

Then compile the code:

cd aplang
cargo build --release

Run the project:

cargo run --release


Testing is as simple as:

cargo test --release --all

Testing individual modules can be done with:

cargo test --release parser::tests


This will be to come. Installers for Windows and macOS will be created in the future.


The goal with this project is accessibility first. It is understood that the vast majority of people who will use the interpreter are new to programming. Therefore, it is of the upmost import that installation is made simple and documentation is extensive. Linux is wonderful however windows support, macOS and Web support must be put first simply because those are the systems that most new programmers will use.

For Students

I made this project to make your life easier and to help YOU get a better grade on the AP Computer Science Principals Test. In return for my work I simply ask that you share this project with your teachers and fellow students. The more people that know of it the better.


I welcome all contributors with open arms. I will eventually make a guide for contributing but that will be done on project v1.0. I apologize for my garbage commit messages in advance. If you have any questions feel free to add me on discord at @dev_storm or contact me via email at dev_storm@winux.com. I will make a discord server as well as matrix chat if this project gains traction.

Feature Request

Please submit an issue ticket

A Note

I chose rust for this project because cargo is an amazing build system. Rust can run anywhere!

For Collage Board

Please bring awareness to the project! I would love for it to become officially supported however unlikely that would be. Contact me!


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