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Game development tools for the Amethyst engine

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Amethyst Tools

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A suite of game development tools written in Rust, intended for use with the Amethyst engine. This project is a work in progress and is very incomplete; pardon the dust!


One of the goals of Amethyst is to split up the traditional "mega-editor" seen in many other game engines into several small but well-integrated tools, adhering to the Unix philosophy. This approach allows for nifty things like:

  • Piping and streaming data between tools like regular Unix commands.
  • Network transparency (e.g. mirroring gameplay from your development machine onto a testbed computer or smartphone).
  • Customizing your workflow to your liking with plain ol' shell scripts.
  • Stripping out tools you don't want or need, or easily supplanting them with third-party utilities.
  • Serving as backends for various "mega-editors" provided by third parties or written in-house.


At the moment, there is only one tool available in this distribution. Please suggest ideas for more tools on our issue tracker.

  • Amethyst CLI - Command-line interface for creating and deploying game projects, intentionally very similar to Cargo.



  • Ensure that you have the OpenSSL development headers installed (check for openssl-devel or something similar)

By executing

cargo install amethyst_tools

a binary called amethyst will be placed in your ~/cargo/bin folder.


Creating a new project

amethyst new <project_name>


We are a community project that welcomes contribution from anyone. If you're interested in helping out, please read the CONTRIBUTING.md file before getting started. Don't know what to hack on? See the Development Roadmap on our wiki, or search though our issue tracker.

All contributions are assumed do be dual-licensed under MIT/Apache-2.0.


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