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Ambient Audio


  • Stream: handles the backend audio playing device

  • Mixer: contained in a stream. Takes multiple playing sources, and adds them together into the single device audio output stream.

  • Source: Represents a node in the audio graph. Can either be an input node, like a SineWave or Track, a transform node such as Gain or Repeat, or an output node like the mixer.

    As sources can have a different sample rate than the native audio stream sample rate, the SampleConversion source is needed between the input source and the output source/mixer.

  • Sound: An instance of a playing graph of sources, can be used to control the playback or modify the graph.

  • Sample: A floating point PCM value of the average waveform amplitude at a given slice of (1/sample_rate) time. Channels are interleaved in source

  • Frame: A planar collection of samples from the same point in time of all channels in the source.

    Note that there may be up 8 channels of audio for any given source.


~1.5M SLoC