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A cross-platform GUI framework written in Rust. Adapts to native view-layers on each platform. UIKit/React inspired.

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0.2.0 Jun 6, 2019
0.1.0 Aug 31, 2017

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Alchemy Core

This crate implements the core Alchemy application, which is what users ultimately import. Applications are a singleton; some might not like this, but it enables a design pattern that meshes a bit better with existing GUI framework systems and patterns.

The general pattern for developing with Alchemy is as follows:

[Alchemy API] -> [Inner Mutability] -> [Platform Bridge (implemented in other crates)]
    |- [Delegate]

The delegate pattern is cribbed from AppKit/UIKit, where it tends to work quite nicely as a way to respond to system level events.

Questions, Comments?

Open an issue, or hit me up on Twitter.


Alchemy is a Rust GUI framework that implements the React Component lifecycle on top of a delegate system inspired by those found in AppKit/UIKit. It's backed by native widgets per-platform, but doesn't bind you to any one design style or visual appearance.

CSS support (no cascading) provides a familiar syntax for developers who tend to work on UI/UX projects, and the Component lifecycle is familiar enough to anyone who's touched React.


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