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Cocoa bindings for Alchemy, a cross-platform GUI framework written in Rust

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This crate implements a backend for Cocoa-based widgets, such as NSView, NSTextField, and so on. Note that while it's under development currently, the fate of AppKit is still kind of a gray area. If Apple ends up pushing Marzipan as "the" solution, it's possible this might become obsolete, or would run in tandem with the iOS crate for iOS/Marzipan.

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This crate provides a Cocoa backend for Alchemy, the Rust GUI framework. This means that, on macOS, you'll be using native NSView, NSTextField, and other assorted controls. Where possible, it attempts to opt into smoother rendering paths (e.g, layer-backed views, drawing subview layers together where appropriate).


Copyright 2018 Ryan McGrath. See the license files included in the root repository for more information, along with credit to applicable parties for who this project would not have happened.

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