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An n-dimensional linear algebra and mathematics library for computer graphics and other applications, designed to be roughly compatible with cgmath.

The library provides:

  • vectors: Vector2, Vector3, Vector4 and Vector<T, const N: usize>
  • points: Point2, Point3, Point4 and Point<T, const N: usize>
  • matrices: Matrix2, Matrix3, Matrix4 and Matrix<T, const N: usize, const M: usize>
  • a quaternion type: Quaternion
  • orthonormal (rotation) matrices: Orthonormal

al-jabr supports Vectors and Matrices of any size and will provide implementations for any mathematic operations that are supported by their scalars. Additionally, al-jabr can leverage Rust's type system to ensure that operations are only applied to values that are the correct size. al-jabr can do this while remaining no-std compatible.

For more information and a guide on getting started, check out the documentation.

Cargo Features

  • The mint feature (off by default) adds a dependency to the mint crate and provides support for converting between al-jabr types and mint types.
  • The serde feature (off by default) adds serialization/deserialization support from the serde crate.
  • The rand feature (off by default) allows you to create random points, vectors, and matrices by sampling from a random number source.
  • The swizzle feature (off by default) enables swizzle functions for vectors.


Pull request of any nature are welcome.


Contact the author at map@maplant.com or file an issue on github.