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the more easy to use libaki-*

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crate Docs Rust Version Apache2/MIT licensed

aki-txpr-macro is the more easy to use libaki-*.


  • old style rust macro
  • multi-threaded libaki-*
  • minimum support rustc 1.56.1 (59eed8a2a 2021-11-01)



The pipe line text processing.

shell command:

aki-xcat -n -f "fixtures/target-list.txt" |\
aki-mline -e "gnu" |\
aki-stats -a --locale "en"

convert this to rust code:

 let (next_in, handles) = pipe_line! {
     (next_in, handles);
     libaki_xcat  "xcat" "-n" "-f" "fixtures/target-list.txt";
     libaki_mline "mline" "-e" "gnu";
     libaki_stats "stats" "-a" "--locale" "en";

the full rust example:

fn test_02() -> anyhow::Result<String> {
    use aki_txpr_macro::*;
    use std::io::BufRead;
    let next_in = runnel::medium::stdio::StdIn::default();
    let handles = Vec::new();
    let (next_in, handles) = pipe_line! {
        (next_in, handles);
        libaki_xcat  "xcat" "-n" "-f" "fixtures/target-list.txt";
        libaki_mline "mline" "-e" "gnu";
        libaki_stats "stats" "-a" "--locale" "en";
    // main thread
    let string = {
        let sout = runnel::medium::stringio::StringOut::default();
        let sioe = runnel::RunnelIoeBuilder::new().pin(next_in).pout(sout).build();
        for line in sioe.pin().lock().lines() {
            let line_s = line?;
            let line_ss = line_s.as_str();
            sioe.pout().lock().write_fmt(format_args!("{}\n", line_ss))?;
        let x = sioe.pout().lock().buffer_str().to_string();
    for handle in handles {
        let _ = handle.join();


command description
aki-gsub substitude text command, replace via regex.
aki-mcolor mark up text with color
aki-mcycle mark up text with cycling color
aki-mline match line, regex text filter like a grep of linux command.
aki-resort sort lines of text. You can use regex to specify the KEY.
aki-stats output the statistics of text, like a wc of linux command.
aki-unbody output first or last n lines, like a head and tail of linux command.
aki-xcat concatenate files that are plain, gzip, xz and zstd.
aki-xtee copy standard input to each files and standard output.


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