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crate Docs Rust Version Apache2/MIT licensed

the mark up text with color program.


  • mark up text with color.
  • minimum support rustc 1.56.1 (59eed8a2a 2021-11-01)

Command help

aki-mcolor --help
  aki-mcolor [options]

mark up text with color

  -r, --red <exp>       write it in red
  -g, --green <exp>     write it in green
  -b, --blue <exp>      write it in blue
  -c, --cyan <exp>      write it in cyan
  -m, --magenda <exp>   write it in magenda
  -y, --yellow <exp>    write it in yellow
  -u, --unmark <exp>    write it in non-color

  -H, --help        display this help and exit
  -V, --version     display version information and exit

Option Parameters:
  <exp>     regular expression, color the entire match.

  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_RED_ST       red start sequence specified by ansi
  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_GREEN_ST     greep start sequence specified by ansi
  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_BLUE_ST      blue start sequence specified by ansi
  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_CYAN_ST      cyan start sequence specified by ansi
  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_MAGENDA_ST   magenda start sequence specified by ansi
  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_YELLOW_ST    yellow start sequence specified by ansi
  AKI_MCOLOR_COLOR_SEQ_ED           color end sequence specified by ansi

Quick install

  1. you can install this into cargo bin path:
cargo install aki-mcolor
  1. you can build debian package:
cargo deb

and install .deb into your local repository of debian package.


Command line example 1

Makes "ca" red and "b" green in standard input text.

echo "abcabca" | aki-mcolor -r "ca" -g "b"

result output :

out abcabca image

Command line example 2

Extract "arm" from the rustup target list and make "musl" green and "android" cyan.

rustup target list | aki-mline -e arm | aki-mcolor -g "musl" -c "android"

result output :

out rustup image

  • aki-mline: extract match line command like grep.

Command line example 3

You can also multiple same color match.

echo "abcdefg" | aki-mcolor -r "c" -g "d" -r "e"

Library example

See fn execute() for this library examples.


This crate's changelog here.


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