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AI Model Manager

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0.1.1 May 14, 2023
0.1.0 May 12, 2023

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AI Model Manager.


AIMM Civitai HuggingFace
Repository Model (checkpoint) Repo
Revision Model version Revsion / commit

Use it

# Scan an existing directory to build a manifest file
aimm scan

# Install packages from aimm.json
aimm install

# Install a package from a download link (to `.`)
aimm install https://civitai.com/api/download/models/46137

# Install a package from a download link (to a specific place)
aimm install https://civitai.com/api/download/models/46137 models/Stable-diffusion

To be implemented for MVP


# Smart install (install to appropriate place, e.g. models/Lora, download previews, etc.)
aimm si https://civitai.com/models/13213

# Or, in short:
aimm install --smart https://civitai.com/models/13213

# Initialize a new project
aimm init

# Install from Git
aimm install https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui

# Install a model from Civitai web page
aimm install https://civitai.com/models/7240/meinamix 

# Install a Lora from Civitai, and automatically pair it with previews
aimm install https://civitai.com/models/13213

# Install a model from Hugging Face
aimm install https://huggingface.co/THUDM/chatglm-6b/blob/main/pytorch_model-00001-of-00008.bin

# Download a model by name
aimm install bloom

# Install from an existing amm.json
aimm install
aimm install -r non-default-named.amm.json

# Move packages under aimm management:
aimm mv a b

The API service

No authentication required at the moment. Please play nice.

hashA is the sha256 of the file.

Projects/repos have UUIDs as IDS in AIMM. Civitai IDs are ints (e.g. models/7204), while HuggingFace uses strings (e.g. lmsys/vicuna-7b-delta-v0).

1. Files

1.1 Search files by filename (partial)

        "id": "7b1393c5-e398-4bc4-b416-3f2b3ac24165",
        "hashA": "e03274b1e7478ce7cfd86e4758d9918d26f6f1f73a6e37d425587a7938ac6f79",
        "downloadUrl": "https://civitai.com/api/download/models/16925",
        "filename": "meinamix_meinaV7.safetensors",
        "revision": {
            "id": "c02e9d09-f7cf-49c1-a44e-00a03b0918ed",
            "idInRegistry": "16925",
            "repo": {
                "id": "876abe0f-b774-4629-bcc8-024b2250a374",
                "name": "MeinaMix",
                "registry": "Civitai",
                "idInRegistry": "7240",
                "favour": 102479
        "id": "b4a7b957-f830-4c86-831e-cde04128f767",
        "hashA": "eac6c08a199c4953f80ae5b4ea5f9b2d88c7f3c6f2546e14a57851e3e4a1c5cb",
        "downloadUrl": "https://civitai.com/api/download/models/46137",
        "filename": "meinamix_meinaV9.safetensors",
        "revision": {
            "id": "1f726859-a61a-4df1-9057-20e869f0a54d",
            "idInRegistry": "46137",
            "repo": {
                "id": "876abe0f-b774-4629-bcc8-024b2250a374",
                "name": "MeinaMix",
                "registry": "Civitai",
                "idInRegistry": "7240",
                "favour": 102479

Search files by sha256 (must provide full)




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