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a minimal and highly customizable terminal shell

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zula - Yet Another Shell

zula is a minimal and extendable terminal shell. It aims to streamline convenience tools for common shell interactions, via simple configuration tools and a plugin system.



zula features recursive aliasing. Aliases can expand into other aliases, which expand into more aliases...

Commands can be escaped with !cmd if you wish to use a program that shares the name of an alias. Note that aliases only apply to the first command parameter, they will not expand when used as arguments.


zula allows you to bind any command to run when pressing Alt + <key>.


Currently, the only supported operator in zula is &&, which will run each command sequentially and stop if one errors.


zula supports a plugin system. Place your .so files in $ZULA_CONFIG/plugins and run zula cfg to check what is loaded. See the sister crate zula-core for more information.


zulas main configuration file is found in $ZULA_CONFIG/.zularc. If this enviroment variable is not set, it defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/zula. It currently supports:

  • #alias - set an alias word to be expanded into a command.
#alias vi nvim .
  • #bind - bind a command to be triggered when pressing Alt + <key>.
#bind v vi

.zularc is parsed line-by-line, if a line is not a valid command it will simply be ignored.


Here is a list of features I'm actively/plan to work on.

  • plugin system
  • simple scripts
  • more command piping options
  • applets once the plugin system is functional


Here are some things that you may expect from a mature shell that zula is missing and may or may not be planned for the future.

  • auto suggestions
  • bash-esque scripting


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