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A simple and opinionated tool to build your own magazine

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Zine - a simple and opinionated tool to build your own magazine.

  • Mobile-first.
  • Intuitive and elegant magazine design.
  • Best reading experiences.
  • Theme customizable, extend friendly.
  • RSS Feed supported.
  • Open Graph Protocol supported.
  • Build into a static website, hosting anywhere.


cargo install zine

or brew install zineland/tap/zine

or brew tap zineland/tap, then brew install zine

Get Started

Run zine new your-zine-site, you'll get following directory:

$ tree your-zine-site
├── content             # The content directory your issues located
│   └── issue-1         # The first issue directory
│       ├── 1-first.md  # The first markdown article in this issue
│       └── zine.toml   # The issue Zine config file
└── zine.toml           # The root Zine config file of this project

2 directories, 3 files

Run zine serve to preview your zine site on your local computer:

$ cd your-zine-site

$ zine serve

███████╗██╗███╗   ██╗███████╗
╚══███╔╝██║████╗  ██║██╔════╝
  ███╔╝ ██║██╔██╗ ██║█████╗  
 ███╔╝  ██║██║╚██╗██║██╔══╝  
███████╗██║██║ ╚████║███████╗
╚══════╝╚═╝╚═╝  ╚═══╝╚══════╝
listening on

Run zine build to build your zine site into a static website:

$ cd your-zine-site

$ zine build
Build success! The build directory is `build`.

Dive into deep

A Zine project mainly consists of two kind zine.toml files and a bunch of markdown files.

Root zine.toml

This root zine.toml file describes your site meta and all your issue's info.

url = "https://your-domain.com"
name = "Your Zine Site Name"
description = ""
logo = "/path/to/favicon"
# the OpenGraph social image path.
social_image = "/path/to/social_image"
# the locale to localize your Zine site. default to "en".
# Zine has builtin supported locales, please check the `locales` directory of this repo.
locale = "en"
# the menu tabs
menu = [
    { name = "About", url = "/about" },
    { name = "Blog", url = "/blog" },

# Declare authors of this magazine.
# set editor to true will show the Editor badge on the author profile page
zine_team = { name = "Zine Team", editor = true, bio = "The Zine Team." }

# You can customize some theme elements in this section.
# All of those elements are optional.
# the primary color
primary_color = "#abcdef"
secondary_color = "#fff"
# the main text color
main_color = "#000"
# the link color in article content
link_color = "#e07312"
# the background image
background_image = "/static/background.png"
# you can customize your head here, such as your css, js
head_template = "templates/head.html"
# you can customize your footer here
footer_template = "templates/footer.html"
# you can extend the article page, for example adding comment widget
article_extend_template = "templates/article-extend.html"

# You can customize some markdown styles in this section.
# All of those elements are optional.
# enable the code highlighting. default is true
highlight_code = true
# custom highligh theme
highlight_theme = "ayu-light"

# Issue 1
# the slug of this issue: https://your-domain.com/s1
slug = "s1"
# the number of this issue
number = 1
# issue title
title = "Issue 1"
# the directory path to parse this issue, you should put
# your markdown files in this directory
path = "content/issue-1"
# the introduction of this issue. optional.
intro = "content/issue-1/intro.md"

# Issue 2
slug = "s2"
number = 2
title = "Issue 2"
path = "content/issue-2"

Issue zine.toml

The issue zine.toml file list all your articles of this issue.

# the slug of this article. E.g: https://your-domain.com/s1/1
slug = "1"
# the markdown file path of this article
file = "1-first.md"
# the title of this article
title = "First article"
# the optional author id of this article.
author = "zine-team"
# the cover of this article
cover = ""
# the publish date of this article
pub_date = "2022-03-20"
# whether to publish this article or not
publish = true
# whether mark this article as a featured article. 
# the featured articles will be shown on the home page
featured = true

# Another article



Zine will generate a dedicated profile page for each author declared in the root zine.toml table.

# https://your-domain.com/@alice
alice = { name = "Alice", bio = "An engineer." }
# https://your-domain.com/@bob
bob = { name = "Bob", avatar = "/cool/avatar.png", bio = "An engineer." }

The path of an author page consists of @ and author id, for example above, the path are @alice and @bob.

If the author of an article hasn't declared in [authors], no author page will be generated for that author.


Every markdown file located in pages will be rendered as a Page. Just intuitive like this:

$ tree pages
├── about.md        # will be rendered as https://your-domain.com/about
├── blog            
│   └── first.md    # will be rendered as https://your-domain.com/blog/first
├── blog.md         # will be rendered as https://your-domain.com/blog
└── faq.md          # will be rendered as https://your-domain.com/faq

1 directory, 4 files


You can add an arbitrary number of comments for an article. Simply put the end matter below the article content.

end matter is a terminology similar to front matter in other Static Site Generators. Just like the front matter shown ahead of the markdown content, the end matter is shown below.

You cool article content.

author = "Bob"
bio = "A developer"
content = "The cool comment"

author = "Alice"
bio = ""
content = "Another cool comment"

Code blocks

Zine provides some advanced code blocks to help you write articles.


The author code is designed to render the avatar-name link on the markdown page.

The syntax is very simple, just write like this `@author_id`. If the author_id is declared in the [authors] table of the root zine.toml, it will render the UI as expected, otherwise it fallback into the raw code UI.

URL preview


Some cool magazines powered by Zine


  • Support RSS Feed

  • Support render OGP meta

  • Support l10n

  • Support sitemap.xml

  • Support code syntax highlight

  • Support table of content

  • Support i18n

  • Generate word cloud for issue


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.


~628K SLoC