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A simple, opinionated prompting library

Features include:

  • Re-prompt until valid
  • Prompts for several types, and extensible
  • Sane handling of escapes via rustyline
  • Path completion when prompting for paths
  • Dead simple to use. Perhaps too simple.


Simply call prompt or prompt_default to prompt for any Promptable type:

  • prompt(msg) - prompt until input can be parsed as the inferred return type. Re-prompts for empty string input unless type is an Option<T>
  • prompt_default(msg, default) - prompt until input can be parsed as the inferred return type. Uses default value if input is empty string.
use promptly::{prompt, prompt_default};

// Prompt until a non-empty string is provided
let name: String = prompt("Enter your name");

// Prompt for other `FromStr` types
let age: u32 = prompt("Enter your age");

// Prompt for optional paths with path completion. Returns `None` if empty input.
let photo: Option<PathBuf> = prompt("Enter a path to a profile picture");

// Prompt Y/n with a default value when input is empty
let fallback = prompt_default("Would you like to receive marketing emails", true);

// Prompt for a url using the url crate (requires either 'nightly' or 'url' feature)
let website: Url = prompt("Enter a website URL");


The API surface of this crate is opinionated and experimental, but open to fresh ideas. Some additional bits hiding under the surface:

  • Promptable trait provides implementations that prompt for many common types, and provides a way to add support for additional types.
  • Prompter struct provides lower-level control that powers the friendly readline experience. It's especially unclear how this type will evolve.


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