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Zee is a modern editor for the terminal (written in Rust). It is highly experimental code.


Here's what it looks like at the moment

Peek 2020-03-09 00-16

Getting Started

The recommended way to install zee using cargo install

$ cargo install zee


To start the editor run zee. As expected, you can pass in one or multiple files to be opened, e.g. zee file1 file2.

Zee mostly uses emacs-y style bindings. Below, C- means Ctrl + the specified key, e.g. C-k is Ctrl-k. Similarly A- means Alt + the specified key.

The following keyboard bindings are available:


  • C-p, Up move up
  • C-n, Down move down
  • C-b, Left move backwards
  • C-f, Right move forwards
  • C-a, Home move to start of line
  • C-e, End move to end of line
  • C-v, PageDown move down one page
  • A-v, PageUp move up one page
  • A-< move to the beginning of the buffer
  • A-> move to the end of the buffer
  • C-l centre the cursor visually


  • C-d delete forwards
  • Backspace delete backwards
  • C-k delete the current line
  • C-SPC toggle selection mode
  • C-w cut selection
  • A-w copy selection
  • C-y paste (yank) selection
  • C-g clear the current selection
  • C-z, C-/ undo
  • C-x C-s save the current buffer

File Navigation

  • C-x C-f choose a file to open using a directory-level picker
  • C-x C-v search recursively for a file to open from the selected directory
  • C-l while opening a file, go to the parent directory
  • Tab while opening a file, fills in the currently selected path
  • C-g cancel the current operation


  • C-x 0 close the current buffer
  • C-x o, C-x C-o switch focus to the next buffer
  • C-x C-c quit
  • C-t cycle through the available themes


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