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z3tracer on crates.io Documentation License License

This crate provides an experimental parser and analyzer for detailed log files produced by Z3.

To obtain a file z3.log, pass the options trace=true and proof=true on the command line of Z3 (for instance, z3 trace=true proof=true file.smt2). For large problems, you may choose to limit the size of the log file by interrupting z3 with ^C or by setting a shorter timeout. Passing only trace=true is also possible but it will prevent any dependency analysis (see below).

While parsing the logs, a "model" of the logs is constructed to record most operations, as well as the syntactic terms under each #NUM notation:

use z3tracer::{Model, syntax::{Ident, Term}};
let mut model = Model::default();
let input = br#"
[mk-app] #0 a
[mk-app] #1 + #0 #0
model.process(None, &input[1..])?;
assert_eq!(model.terms().len(), 2);
assert!(matches!(model.term(&Ident::from_str("#1")?)?, Term::App { .. }));
assert_eq!(model.id_to_sexp(&BTreeMap::new(), &Ident::from_str("#1").unwrap()).unwrap(), "(+ a a)");

Besides, the library will attempt to reconstruct the following information:

  • Quantifier Instantiations (QIs), that is, which quantified formulas were instantiated by Z3 and why;

  • The successive backtracking levels during SMT solving;

  • SAT/SMT conflicts and their causal dependencies in terms of QIs; Conflicts

  • Causal dependencies between QIs. Causal dependencies between QIs

A tool z3tracer based on the library is provided to process a log file z3.log from the command line and generate charts.

See also in the repository for additional examples using Jupyter notebooks.

Currently, this library only supports Z3 v4.8.9.

More information about Z3 tracing logs can be found in the documentation of the project Axiom Profiler.


See the CONTRIBUTING file for how to help out.


This project is available under the terms of either the Apache 2.0 license or the MIT license.


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