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no-std xcb-rust-protocol

Rust x11 connection interface layer

5 releases

0.2.3 May 5, 2024
0.2.2 May 5, 2024
0.2.1 Oct 1, 2023
0.2.0 Oct 1, 2023
0.1.0 Jul 25, 2023

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Used in xcb-rust-connection

MPL-2.0 license

83K SLoC


A worse version of x11rb trying to generate more optimizable code.


The project is licensed under Mpl v2

The project uses a lot of copied and modified code from x11rb, those parts are concentrated at helpers in xcb-rust-connection/helpers, and xcb-rust-protocol/helpers. While that project is an obvious influence on the entirety of those two crates. The license for x11rb can be found at that repo here and included in xcb-rust-connection here as well as in xcb-rust-protocol here.


~26K SLoC