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app word-star-puzzle-solver

A CLI tool for solving VGs word star puzzle

3 releases

0.2.2 Jan 27, 2024
0.2.1 Jan 27, 2024
0.2.0 Jan 27, 2024

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Word Star Puzzle Solver 🧩

A CLI tool for solving VGs word star puzzle.

Install ⬇️

Option 1: With Cargo

Make sure you have rust installed on your pc. Check how to install rust here.

When you have successfuly installed rust you can install the tool by running this:

cargo install word-star-puzzle-solver

Option 2: From Release

Install the binary file from releases.

Open a terminal where the binary file is installed and run it.

On windows:

.\word-star-puzzle-solver.exe --version

On unix:

./word-star-solver --version

How-to-use 🔮

Use --help for instructions on how to use the tool:

word-star-puzzle-solver --help


Example word star puzzle from VG

word-star-puzzle-solver -r P -a B L Å Æ O E P

Note that P is present in both the required character argument and the allowed characters argument.