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Commandline Function Manager For Windows

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0.3.4 Apr 26, 2024
0.3.3 Jun 12, 2023
0.3.2 May 17, 2023
0.2.9 May 17, 2023
0.1.7 Apr 20, 2023

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Winfu - Commandline Function Manager For Windows!

Winfu aims to significantly reduce the time and effort you spend on
managing PowerShell functions and variables.
While originally inspired by fish on linux and its quick Terminal function creation,
this Utility now has a more complex set of features to Save, List amd Remove functions or variables
in a intuitive and foolproof way.
Implementation of importing complete functions or variables directly from your clipboard,
always ensures a way to add complex code without the need for any additional effort.


cargo install winfu

Potential Dependencies:

Alternative Method

git clone https://github.com/nrdrch/winfu.git
cd winfu
cargo build --release
  • Preferably move the executable from target/release into a directory in your 'Path' enviorment variable for easy execution.

Option Description Example
sv Save function winfu sv hi "echo hello world"
rm Remove funciton winfu rm hi
ls List functions winfu ls
cp Import clipboard winfu cp
svp Save variable winfu svp docs "C:\Users\Username\Documents"
rmp Remove funciton winfu rmp docs
lsp List functions winfu lsp


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