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Take a screenshot of a specific window or entire screen on Windows platform

25 releases (stable)

4.0.10 Apr 24, 2024
4.0.8 Mar 27, 2024
4.0.7 Feb 26, 2024
4.0.6 Nov 28, 2023
0.1.6 Jun 3, 2022

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Take a screenshot of a specific window or entire screen on Windows platform

Known Issues

capture_window() draws black border for some windows
If you call capture_window() and got 0x80070578 "invalid window handle" make sure captured window is not minimized

Minimum requirements

capture_window() uses undocumented PW_RENDERFULLCONTENT which first appeared in Windows 8.1


use image::{DynamicImage, RgbaImage};
use regex::Regex;
use win_screenshot::prelude::*;

fn main() {
    // Capture entire screen
    let buf = capture_display().unwrap();

    // Capture window by known id
    let buf = capture_window(11996706).unwrap();

    // Capture window if you know the exact name
    let hwnd = find_window("Notepad").unwrap();
    let buf = capture_window(hwnd).unwrap();

    // If you don't know the exact name, try to find it
    let re = Regex::new(r"Steam").unwrap();
    let hwnd = window_list()
        .find(|i| re.is_match(&i.window_name))
    let buf = capture_window(hwnd).unwrap();

    // convert to image and save
    let img = DynamicImage::ImageRgba8(
        RgbaImage::from_raw(buf.width, buf.height, buf.pixels).unwrap());

    // Fine tuning

    // BitBlt dramatically faster, often fails
    // (e.g. firefox, steam, 3d accelerated windows)
    let using = Using::BitBlt;
    // PrintWindow much slower, much more reliable
    let using = Using::PrintWindow;

    // Capture client area of window
    let area = Area::ClientOnly;
    // Capture whole window (not supported with BitBlt)
    let area = Area::Full;

    // Build-in crop, faster on large windows
    let crop_xy = None; //Some([100, 100]);
    let crop_wh = None; //Some([300, 300]);
    let buf = capture_window_ex(hwnd, using, area, crop_xy, crop_wh).unwrap();


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