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no-std whitebreadx

A breadx library that provides a wrapper for libxcb and libX11

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0.1.0 Jul 2, 2022

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BSL-1.0 license

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Wrappers around libxcb and libX11 that implement breadx traits.

breadx comes with many advantages over existing libraries, but a crucial disadvantage is a lack of library support. libX11 has a massive back catalog of libraries that breadx on its own does not have access to.

whitebreadx provides a compromise. It provides two types, XcbDisplay and XlibDisplay. Both of these objects are wrappers around native xcb_connection_t and Display, respectively. However, they implement breadx::Display, so that they can be used worry-free in breadx code. In addition, raw pointers to the underlying transport mechanism can be accessed, allowing usage with external code.

External Library Version Support

The minimum supported versions of libxcb and libX11 necessary for this library are unknown. This library has been tested to work with libxcb version 1.14 and libX11 version 2:1.7. However, the libX11 version must be after the paradigm shift where it began using libxcb as an internal transport. There are no plans to support legacy libX11.


This package is distributed under the Boost Software License Version 1.0. Consult the LICENSE file or consult the web mirror for more information.


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