1 unstable release

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Dec 7, 2017

Used in etl

MIT license

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A matrix library for Rust. Supports basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication operations, solving systems of equations (including underdetermined and overdetermined), decompositions, and norms (both vector and matrix). Wraps calls to BLAS / LAPACK.


  • Matrix-scalar addition, subtraction, multiplication
  • Matrix-matrix entrywise addition, subtraction
  • Matrix-matrix multiplication
  • Submatrix indexing and extraction
  • Matrix decomposition:
    • LU Decomposition
    • QR Decomposition
    • Cholesky Factorization
    • Eigenvalue Decomposition
    • Singular Value Decomposition
  • Systems of equations solver (including overdetermined and underdetermined systems)
  • Inverse matrices
  • Vector Norms: L1, L2, Inf, Lp
  • Matrix Norms:
    • Induced: L1, L2 / Spectral, Inf
    • Entry-wise (for any vector norm)
    • Lp, q
    • Frobenius (same as entry-wise L2)
    • Max (same as entry-wise Inf)
    • Schatten norms (for any vector norm), including nuclear (same as L1 Schatten)


~815K SLoC