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Primitives and constants from WASM-4 fantasy console

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Wasm4fun Core / WASM-4

Primitives and constants from WASM-4 fantasy console

Home page: https://wasm4fun.neocities.org/

Upstream home page: https://wasm4.org/

Repository: https://gitlab.com/claudiomattera/wasm4fun/


Copyright Bruno Garcia 2021

You are free to copy, modify, and distribute this application with attribution under the terms of ISC License (License-ISC or https://opensource.org/licenses/ISC).


Primitives and constants from WASM-4 fantasy console

WASM-4 ships a w4 application that can generate a preconfigured Rust crate to build a game. That crate contains a wasm4 module that exports all primitives and constants exposed by the console.

This crate replicates that module, documenting each public symbol and adding few Rust attributes where needed, so that w4 is no longer necessary to build a game.

Note that w4 application is still required to play the game or to generate a self-contained cartridge from the final .wasm artefact.

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