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Simplify implementation of serverless WASM on Cloudflare Workers

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0.5.1 Feb 16, 2021
0.5.0 Feb 16, 2021
0.3.1 Dec 31, 2020
0.2.7 Dec 6, 2020

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Lightweight library for building Rust-WASM services on Cloudflare Workers.

The goal of this library is to make it easy to build fast and lightweight HTTP-based services in WASM, hosted on Cloudflare Workers. To keep things fast and lightweight, there is a strong preference for significant new capabilities to added as compile-time features or separate libraries.


  • Fully async
  • Request & response bodies can be text, json, or binary
  • Non-blocking structured logging
  • Deferred tasks that run after response is returned to client


  • CORS handling and OAuth2

Getting started

To start a new project,

wrangler generate -t rust PROJECT \

where PROJECT is your project name.

rustwasm-service-template contains some relevant sample code, as well as instructions for setting up of Cloudflare and (optionally) Coralogix logging service.

Updates (v0.3)

  • Changes to support add-ons. See CHANGELOG for recent changes including breaking api changes to Handler.handle and Runnable.run functions.


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