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cfspeedtest - Unofficial CLI for speed.cloudflare.com

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Install using cargo:

cargo install cfspeedtest

Or download the latest binary release here: cfspeedtest/releases/latest

Alternatively there is also a docker image available on dockerhub

docker run cybuerg/cfspeedtest


> cfspeedtest --help
Unofficial CLI for speed.cloudflare.com

Usage: cfspeedtest [OPTIONS]

  -n, --nr-tests <NR_TESTS>
          Number of test runs per payload size. Needs to be at least 4 [default: 10]
      --nr-latency-tests <NR_LATENCY_TESTS>
          Number of latency tests to run [default: 25]
  -m, --max-payload-size <MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE>
          The max payload size in bytes to use [100k, 1m, 10m, 25m or 100m] [default: 25MB]
  -o, --output-format <OUTPUT_FORMAT>
          Set the output format [csv, json or json-pretty] > This silences all other output to stdout [default: StdOut]
  -v, --verbose
          Enable verbose output i.e. print boxplots of the measurements
          Force usage of IPv4
          Force usage of IPv6
  -d, --disable-dynamic-max-payload-size
          Disables dynamically skipping tests with larger payload sizes if the tests for the previous payload size took longer than 5 seconds
  -h, --help
          Print help
  -V, --version
          Print version

Example usage:

Example with json-pretty output:



Set the log level using the RUST_LOG env var:

RUST_LOG=debug cargo run


Using cargo-release

Install cargo-release:

cargo install cargo-release

Create the release (version bump levels are [patch, minor, major]):

cargo release patch --execute

This will bump the cfspeedtest version in both Cargo.toml and Cargo.lock and run cargo publish to push the release on crates.io. Additionally a version git tag is created and pushed to master triggering the GH action that creates the binary releases.

On GitHub

Release builds are published automatically using github actions. They are triggered when a git tag in the format v[0-9]+.* is pushed.

git tag v1.0.0
git push origin v1.0.0

On crates.io

  1. Update cfspeedtest version in Cargo.toml
  2. cargo publish --dry-run
  3. Verify contents using cargo package --list
  4. Upload to crates.io cargo publish


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