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Tool for creating projects based on templates repo

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Rust utility for creating new projects based on my templates repo.

🔥 Usage

Create a algorithms project with the c template

> vsr-new c algorithms

Create a testing project with the server-creation template

> vsr-new server-creation testing

List all available templates

> vsr-new --types

🛠️ Installation

Is highly recommended to use npx on every usage of the binary.

npx vsr-new --types

It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS if you have Node installed. It will use the latest release - stable version of the binary.

With Binaries

Checkout the latest release. Download the binary for your specific OS.

From source

If you want to build vsr-new from source, you need Rust on your OS. You can then use cargo to build everything

cargo install vsr-new


You can install the binary with the Node Package Manager

npm install -g vsr-new

This is the less adviced for new users. If you want to avoid the npx preffix on each usage, download the binary for your OS and add it to your OS path.

🤔 To-do

  • CI/CD
  • Distribute binaries from github
  • Distribute binaries with npm
  • Distribute binary with Chocolatey (Windows)
  • Distribute binary with apt (Linux)
  • Distribute binary with brew (Mac OS)

Contributions welcome

This project welcomes contributions of any kind, whether you want to add new features, improve the documentation or just want to give some feedback.


vsr-new is published under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


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