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Project Forge

Easy CLI tool for creating projects from templates

Install and update

cargo install -f project-forge


project-forge --help
Usage: project-template.exe [OPTIONS] <PROJECT_NAME> <PATH> <TEMPLATE>

  <PROJECT_NAME>  Project name
  <PATH>          Output project directory
  <TEMPLATE>      Template content path. Can be directory or ZIP file (must have "zip" extension)

  -p, --params <KEY:VALUE>  Additional parameters map
  -v, --verbose             Print CLI information
  -h, --help                Print help
  -V, --version             Print version

Typical use:

project-forge awesome-project ./template/output ./template/input

Produces files structure from ./template/input source folder or ZIP file, which gets generated into ./template/output directory, with awesome-project as PROJECT_NAME for *.chrobry file templates being processed into regular text files.

Passing additional parameters for replacement in *.chrobry file templates.

project-forge other-project ./template/output ./template/input.zip -p "EVERYTHING:42"

More about *.chrobry file templates: https://github.com/PsichiX/Chrobry


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