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An extension crate for https://github.com/mvdnes/zip-rs that provides high-level functions for common ZIP tasks, such as extracting archives to a directory.

Usage examples

Configure dependencies

Add the following dependencies to the Cargo.toml file.

zip = "0.5.5"
zip-extensions = "0.4.0"

See https://github.com/mvdnes/zip-rs fur further information about zip dependencies.

Extracting an archive to a directory

The ZipArchiveExtensions trait provides the extract method that can be used to unzip an archive to a directory.

use std::fs::File;
use zip_extensions::read::ZipArchiveExtensions;

let file = File::create(archive_file).unwrap();
let mut archive = zip::ZipArchive::new(file).unwrap();

Alternatively, the zip_extract helper can be used.

use zip_extensions::*;
let archive_file: PathBuf = ...
let target_dir: PathBuf = ...
zip_extract(&archive_file, &target_dir).unwrap();

Extracting an archive entry into memory

The zip_extract_file_to_memory method can be used to extract entries ad-hoc into memory.

use zip_extensions::*;

let archive_file = PathBuf::from_str(r#"Baloo_Da_2.zip"#).unwrap();
let entry_path = PathBuf::from_str("BalooDa2-Medium.ttf").unwrap();

let mut buffer : Vec<u8> = vec![];
match zip_extract_file_to_memory(&archive_file, &entry_path, &mut buffer) {
    Ok(()) => { println!("Extracted {} bytes from archive.", buffer.len()) },
    Err(e) => { println!("The entry does not exist.") }

Creating an archive from a directory

The ZipWriterExtensions trait provides the create_from_directory and create_from_directory_with_options methods that can be used to add an entire directory hierarchy to an archive.

use zip::ZipWriter;
use zip_extensions::write::ZipWriterExtensions;

let file = File::create(archive_file).unwrap();
let mut zip = ZipWriter::new(file);

Alternatively, the zip_create_from_directory helper can be used.

use zip_extensions::*;
let archive_file: PathBuf = ...
let source_dir: PathBuf = ...
zip_create_from_directory(&archive_file, &source_dir).unwrap();


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