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This crate is a companion to virtio-queue, focusing on persistent state representation for use cases such as (de)serialization. The main abstraction is the QueueStateSer object, which can be converted to and from QueueState via the provided From trait implementations. virtio-queue-ser currently supports (de)serialization of QueueStateSer objects via serde and versionize. The former always serializes the latest version of QueueStateSer, whereas multiple versions will be supported with versionize as breaking changes are introduced to QueueState (and, by extension, QueueStateSer).

On serialization, the typical workflow is to start from a state: QueueState object, obtain the corresponding QueueStateSer (i.e. state_ser = QueueStateSer::from(&state)), then write the serialized data using the underlying backend (i.e. serde or versionize). When deserializing, we first get a state_ser: QueueStateSer object from the backend, and then convert it to a QueueState (for example, state = QueueState::from(&state_ser)).

When a versionize-based backend is used, the state transformations required to transition between versions are transparent to consumers of virtio-queue-ser. For example, if an older version of QueueStateSer has been serialized with versionize, and we're deserializing based on that data, then the QueueStateSer object obtained via versionize will automatically include any changes required for converting to the current version.


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