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Viam Rust Utils

Utilities built in rust with use in various Viam SDKs and beyond


Installing Rust for Mac and Unix-Like

Prior completing these steps make sure no other installations of Rust are present, for example for Mac you want to run brew uninstall rust

Next run the following command curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh in your favorite terminal, if you have installed rustup in the past you can just run rustup update. The PATH environment variable should be updated by the installer, running which rustc you should see something like ~/.cargo/bin/rustc if not you may need to reload your terminal and if it still doesn't work then you should add ~/.cargo/bin in your PATH environment variable (more info here)

Repository Layout

  • src/gen All the google and viam api proto files
  • src/dial The implementation of gRPC over webRTC used for p2p connection to robots
  • src/dialdbg A CLI debugging tool for dial logic. See src/dialdbg/README.md.
  • src/ffi FFI wrapper for dial logic
  • src/proxy Logic for creating a unix socket to serve as connectiong proxy
  • examples A list of examples

Getting Started

The logic in this library is meant for use with Viam's SDKs - Rust and otherwise - rather than as a standalone product. To learn more about using the logic contained here, see the rust-sdk or python-sdk. If you would like to verify that this code works, you can run one of the examples by navigation to the examples folder and run cargo run --bin test-echo (you will need to provide your own robot's credentials to do so, or see instructions below)

Echo Streaming Example

The echo example communicates with the goutils sample server. It demonstrates individual, streamed, and bidirectional communication. To test, navigate to your goutils clone and run

go run rpc/examples/echo/server/cmd/main.go

Take note of the signaling port and replace the port value in examples/src/echo/main.rs with yours like this :

let c = dial::DialOptions::builder()

Then, from the examples/ directory, run

cargo run --bin test-echo

Using FFI (Foreign Functions Interface)

The rust sdk exposes a few functions conforming to the platform's C calling convention. Most languages support calling C code but their particular implementation is beyond the scope of this README. However we provide example in C++.

Set up

For now we only support Unix-like systems. Before continuing make sure that GRPCCpp has been installed on your system. Navigate to :

cd examples/src/ffi/cpp
# Then
make buf

Echo example

The echo example communicate with the goutils sample server, navigate to your goutils clone and run

go run rpc/examples/echo/server/cmd/main.go

Then run

make ffi_echo && ./ffi_echo

Robot example

The robot example communicate with a rdk server Update the dial function with your address and secret in the file ffi_robot.cc

            false, ptr);

Then run

make ffi_robot && ./ffi_robot

Two Notes on Connectivity and webRTC Functionality

First: the rust SDK attempts to dial over webRTC by default. You can override this by calling disable_webrtc() on the dial builder, like so:

let c = dial::DialOptions::builder()
        .uri("test-main.33vvxnbbw9.local.viam.cloud:8080") // Robot address
        .with_credentials(creds) // credentials
        .disable_webrtc() // forces gRPC connection
        .await?; // if the connection complete you will have a channel otherwise an error

Second: the rust webRTC implementation is still new, and liable to have bugs. At a minimum, we expect that calls to ShellService::shell() have a high likelihood of strange behavior. If you encounter any issues with streaming requests over webRTC, direct dial (by disabling webrtc as above) should resolve them. And please file a bug report! We will endeavor to be as responsive as possible, and resolve issues as quickly as possible.


Copyright 2021-2022 Viam Inc.

Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE file


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