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Vello Encoding

Types that represent data that Vello can render

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This package contains types that represent data that Vello can render.

Significant changes are documented in the changelog.

Minimum supported Rust Version (MSRV)

This version of Vello Encoding has been verified to compile with Rust 1.75 and later.

Future versions of Vello Encoding might increase the Rust version requirement. It will not be treated as a breaking change and as such can even happen with small patch releases.

Click here if compiling fails.

As time has passed, some of Vello Encoding's dependencies could have released versions with a higher Rust requirement. If you encounter a compilation issue due to a dependency and don't want to upgrade your Rust toolchain, then you could downgrade the dependency.

# Use the problematic dependency's name and version
cargo update -p package_name --precise 0.1.1


Discussion of Vello Encoding development happens in the Linebender Zulip, specifically the #gpu stream. All public content can be read without logging in.

Contributions are welcome by pull request. The Rust code of conduct applies.


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