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Vec-Array - Combined Vec/Array Storage

This library provides VecArray<T>, an array-like type that holds a number of values (currently fixed to four) in a fixed-sized array for no-allocation, quick access.

If more items are stored than the array's capacity, it automatically converts into using a Vec.

When items are removed and the total number drops below the array's capacity, it automatically converts back to using a stack-allocated array for storage and the Vec is deallocated.

Capacity of Fixed Storage

Currently, the fixed-size array holds four items, which should be a good balance between memory footprint (the total size of this type depends on this) and reduced allocations.

To alter this size right now, unfortunately you must clone this repo and modify the code directly.

This cannot be avoided until constant generics land in Rust.

Deref Support

VecArray<T> derefs into &[T] and &mut [T]. Common Vec methods are implemented. In most situations, VecArray<T> is a drop-in replacement of Vec<T>.

Iterators Support

Most common/useful iterators are supported, including iter(), iter_mut() and into_iter(). In particular, into_iter() allows you to drain a VecArray's items just like a Vec, which you cannot do with a normal array.

no-std Support

Use the no_std feature to build for no-std.

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