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A CLI tool to browse Hashicorp Vault secrets

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A command line interface to browse and edit Vault secrets.

How to install

cargo install vaultwalker

If you have the vault cli already installed, you can simply use:

vaultwalker secret/my_company

By default it will fetch the vault server address in $VAULT_ADDR and the token in the file ~/.vault-token.

If you want to provide your own login you can use:

vaultwalker --host <my_vault_server> --token <the vault token> secret/my_company

To see all available options use:

vaultwalker -h


Navigate with the arrow to select any credentials, then use P to copy the path to the secret, or S to copy the secret itself.

To add a new key:

  • Navigate to the correct path and press A
  • Write the name of your key, press Enter
  • Write the value of the secret, press Enter again

To edit a key:

  • Select the key you want to edit and press U
  • Write the new value of the secret, press Enter

To delete a key:

  • Select the key you want to delete and press D
  • Enter yes to confirm, then Enter


Run with cargo run secret/my_company.


cargo publish


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