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0.7.2 May 9, 2018

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Swagger interface file for the Vault API, as documented here and here.

This does not spec out the whole API - just those that we are interested in.

Building client/server libraries

Use swagger-codegen.

Or alternatively, run make to build Rust crates.

Known issues

The Swagger 2.0 specification is not a perfect fit for this API:

  1. The swagger specification doesn't allow arbitrary paths. So, there is no way to spec out the following paths without a lot of tedium:
  • /secret/secret-1
  • /secret/foo/secret-2
  • /secret/foo/bar/secret-3
  1. The swagger specification doesn't let you use a query parameter to switch to a logically different endpoint, for example the following each have different response types:
  • /secret/foo
  • /secret/foo?list=1
  • /secret/foo?help=1

Also, the existing Rust implementation of swagger-codegen doesn't support all the features required here. See:


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