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Just another vampire Api for Rust

As same as bloodhound let us reimplement the Java API. Take a look to GitHub.

The Idea

Too many good programming languages are looking for developers hype. Maybe You believe to coding in all important languages. I want to take a good or the best language for my problem. But why the have different API interfaces? Why I can not only learn the syntax and a little bit semantic?

The Java way

It think it is a good way to take a look into a new programming language to reimplement something. Java was great - perhaps Java is great, maybe not longer more. I don't no, but I learned Java before the year 2000. So I know the old API good enough to reimplement.

Just like a vampire take the good base of Java, the API declaration and do the hard work: implement the code behind.

The reason

I like many programming languages or parts of these - Java, C#, Rust, COBOL, PHP, Swift,... But I like to create a solution for a problem more than using one single programming language. And I believe we do not need more programmer, we need the right programmer this time. I think with natural language processing and the power of computer we can develop with description of problems in natural language.

API description

If a class and method is defined, take a look to Java API documentation.


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