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Parser for the Java .properties file format

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0.1.0 Aug 10, 2017

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A Rust crate to parse the Java Properties file format.

The Properties file format is simple key/value text format that can be read and written by the standard library of Java. It is often used for configuration files, and also for translation files (Bundles).

The Java class that supports this format is java.util.Properties, with its methods load and store. Note that the Java class also provides the methods loadFromXML and storeToXML, but this crate does not support the XML format.

Starting from Java 9, the Properties files used as Resource Bundles are allowed to be utf-8, instead of only latin1 with unicode escapes (JEP 226). This crate does not support JEP 226.

This crate was written based on the Java 8 API reference. As far as the author knows, this crate supports reading the full Properties format with no exception. There is no support to write Properties files, yet.


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