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A concurrent, lock-free hash map for Rust.

This is an implementation of the lock-free hash map created by Dr. Cliff Click. Click released a talk about his hash map. Additionally, "reference" Java code is available here and more recently here.

Getting Started

This crate is available on crates.io.

To use this crate in your project, add the following to your Cargo.toml file:

lockfreehashmap = "0.1"

and then add to your project root file:

extern crate lockfreehashmap;


extern crate lockfreehashmap;
use lockfreehashmap::{self, LockFreeHashMap};

let map = LockFreeHashMap::<u8, u8>::new();
let insert_guard = lockfreehashmap::pin();
for i in 1..4 {
    map.insert(i, i, &insert_guard);

let map = &map;
lockfreehashmap::scope(|scope| {
    // Spawn multiple threads, e.g. for a server that executes some actions on a loop
    for _ in 0..16 {
        scope.spawn(|| {
            loop {
                let mut line = String::new();
                ::std::io::stdin().read_line(&mut line).unwrap();
                let iter = line.split_whitespace();
                let command: &str = iter.next().unwrap();
                let key: u8 = iter.next().unwrap().parse();
                let value: u8 = iter.next().unwrap().parse();
                let guard = lockfreehashmap::pin();
                let _result = match command {
                    "insert" => map.insert(key, value, &guard),
                    _ => {/* ... */},


GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 or any later version

See LICENSE and LICENSE.LESSER for details.


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