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UnTeX is both a library and an executable that allows you to manipulate and understand TeX files.

NOTE: even though TeX and LaTeX are not the same, UnTeX assumes that TeX documents are written such that they will be parsed with some LaTeX engine. For "pure" TeX content, see the src/lib/tex module.


The most convenient way of using UnTeX is through its command-line interface (CLI).

Currently, you can install it with Cargo:

cargo install untex --all-features

NOTE: while using --features cli is sufficient to install UnTeX's CLI, using all features is recommend to take most benefits out of it!


UnTeX has multiple commands, each one with a specific application:

  • check for checking that a document will compile without error*;

  • dependendies, or deps, for extracting dependencies from a TeX project;

  • expand for expanding macros (e.g., \input{...} or \include{...});

  • highlight, or hl, for highlighting parts (e.g., comments) of TeX documents;

  • format for pretty formatting your TeX files;

  • parse for parsing and validating TeX documents*.

  • completions to generate completions scripts for your shell (needs "cli-complete" feature).


A complete usage help can be obtained with untex [-h|--help] or with untex <COMMAND> [-h|--help] for a given command.


Highlighting text

untex hl -p math main.tex
echo "% this is a comment\nthis is not a comment" | untex hl -t comment


You can use UnTeX in your Rust project by adding to your Cargo.toml:

untex = "^0.4.0"


Automatically generated documentation can be found found here.

Feature Flags

Default Features

  • color: Adds support for output colorized text in the terminal with termcolor.

  • strum: Uses strum_macros's capabilities to enhance Enums all across the library.

Optional Features

  • cli: Adds command-line related methods for multiple structures. This feature is required to install UnTeX's CLI.

  • annotate: (Soon) Adds method(s) to annotate results from check request. If cli feature is also enabled, the CLI will by default print an annotated output.

  • cli-complete: Adds commands to generate completion files for various shells. This feature also activates the cli feature. Enter untex completions --help for get help with installing completion files.

  • json: (Soon) Adds the json output option.


As this project is under active development, expect non backward compatible changes from version to version. Before reaching v1.x.x, UnTeX will be considered as unstable.

What is a valid (La)TeX document

Parsing La(TeX) documents is very complicated, and the main reasons are detailed in the header of the documentation. Because of this, UnTex does not aim to be an exact parser, but a relatively good parser.

If you are in a situation where you think UnTeX produces a wrong result, please reach out to me, preferably via a GitHub issue, and explain to me what you expected!


Contributions are more than welcome! Making UnTeX a good and reliable TeX tool is a matter of time and work, so any kind of help is a step towards a better UnTeX!


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