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An extremely fast LaTeX formatter written in Rust.

Input Output


\item Lists with items
over multiple lines

E = m c^2



  \item Lists with items
    over multiple lines

  E = m c^2

  • ⚡ Extremely fast run-time performance
  • 🔧 No configuration necessary
  • 📟 Command-line interface
  • 📜 Handles LaTeX file types .tex, .bib, .cls, and .sty
  • 🦀 Written entirely in safe Rust



# install stable release
cargo install tex-fmt

# install from github
cargo install --git "https://github.com/wgunderwood/tex-fmt"


nix build "github:wgunderwood/tex-fmt"


When formatting all of the test cases, tex-fmt is hundreds of times faster than latexindent.

Files Lines Size tex-fmt latexindent latexindent -m
47 93k 3.5M 0.186s 96.0s [x516] 124.3s [x667]


  • Semantic parsing of LaTeX code not conducted
  • No linting or correction of syntax errors
  • Customization via configuration files not supported
  • Compliance with existing formatting guidelines not guaranteed
  • Editor integration not currently provided
  • No spelling or grammar checking

Existing tools

  • latexindent. Perl script, many configuration options, slow on large files.

  • LaTeXTidy. Perl script, download links seem to be broken.

  • latex-pretty. Browser-based, uses latexindent as the backend.

  • latexformat.com. Browser-based.

  • texpretty. C program which works sometimes and appears to be fast. Fails with certain keywords inside brackets.

  • latex-editor. Browser-based.

  • LaTeXFmt. Vim plugin, does not apply indentation.

  • latex-formatter. Visual Studio plugin, uses latexindent as the backend.


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