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Unblocked is a puzzle game inspired by Flipull

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1.0.0 Sep 19, 2019

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MIT license



A puzzle game inspired by NES game "Flipull" with a bit different mechanics.

Game screenshot

As of version 1.0, it contains 56 puzzles (and one demo level that is unplayable).

For detailed information about hot keys, built-in help and replays, please see documentation.


Before compiling the application from sources you may need to install extra developer libraries beforehand. Building it on Ubuntu 18 required to install the following libraries(ALSA, SDL2, and pkg-config):

$ sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libasound2-dev pkg-config

The application can be compiled from source, or installed using cargo:

$ cargo install unblock-it

You need Rust compiler that supports Rust 2018 edition (Rust 1.36 or newer) to do it. If you want to upgrade, execute the following command:

$ cargo install unblock-it --force

Precompiled binaries

For Windows you can download precompiled binaries from Release page.

Windows binary works on Windows 7 or newer Windows.

Contact info

Suggestions, ideas, bugs, and better replays are very welcome. Send all of them to vmatroskin (at) gmail.com. Bugs can be submitted at github




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