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Typst Preview VSCode

Preview your Typst files in vscode instantly!

Install this extension from marketplace, open command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), and type >Typst Preview:.



This repo contains:

  • the native part of the extension, in rust
  • a vscode extension, in typescript


  • Low latency preview: preview your document instantly on type. The incremental rendering technique makes the preview latency as low as possible.
  • Open in browser: open the preview in browser, so you put it in another monitor. https://github.com/typst/typst/issues/1344
  • Cross jump between code and preview: We implement SyncTeX-like feature for typst-preview. You can now click on the preview panel to jump to the corresponding code location, and vice versa.

For comparison between alternative tools, please refer to Comparison with other tools.

Bug report

To achieve high performance instant preview, we use a different rendering backend from official typst. We are making our best effort to keep the rendering result consistent with official typst. We have set up comprehensive tests to ensure the consistency of the rendering result. But we cannot guarantee that the rendering result is the same in all cases. There can be unknown corner cases that we haven't covered.

Therefore, if you encounter any rendering issue, please report it to this repo other than official typst repo.

How it works?

The extension watches for file changes, and incrementally compile your document to svg files. Then we use a websocket to send the rendered svg to the client. The client calculates the diff between the new svg and the old one, and apply the diff to the old one. This is done by a VDOM based incremental rendering technique.

If you are interested in the details, please refer to Typst-Preview Architecture.

Use without VSCode

You can use the binary typst-preview as a standalone typst preview server. It can be used to preview your document in browser. For example: typst-preview ./assets/demo/main.typ --partial-rendering. This should be useful if you don't use VSCode but still want to experience the low latency preview.

Use with other editors


  • typst.ts: typst.ts provide incremental svg export.
  • typst-lsp: The CI and the vscode extension are heavily inspired by typst-lsp.
  • typstyle: Beautiful and reliable typst code formatter
  • tinymist: Feature rich typst language server

This project is not affiliated with, created by, or endorsed by Typst the brand.


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