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Crate for arithmetic on arbitrarily large integers. Provides Python bindings as well.

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0.2.2 May 15, 2024
0.2.1 May 14, 2024
0.2.0 May 14, 2024
0.1.0 Sep 2, 2023

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Rust crate for arbitrarily big integers, signed or unsigned.

crate documentation

The main API of this crate is to export 2 types: BigUint and BigInt, meant to represent unsigned or signed integers of arbitrarily large absolute value. They are meant to be used in almost any way a regular integer can be used. The only caveat is that they don't implement the Copy trait ; this means that calling A + B for example will perform a move operation on A and B, losing ownership of them. Most of the time you will actually want to call &A + &B, performing the operation "by reference".

Build, documentation, benchmarks and tests are available the usual way calling the following:

cargo build
cargo docs
cargo bench
cargo test

For benchmarks specifically, you might want to call only some of these:

cargo bench mul
cargo bench add
cargo bench sub

Install as a Python package

Simply use from the base directory

python3 -m pip install .

or from the PyPi repository

pip install twibint

Python tests are available to be run in the pytest framework. They are located in the tests folder and should provide ample example usage.

Changelog for version 0.2

This new version contains extensive accelerations for addition, subtraction, and multiplication on x86_64 machines. These will probably also have performance repercussions on many other features.

These acceleration are mostly due to dropping inline assembly for core loops, and are based on unsafe Rust. Other unsafe features used include smartly swapping between &[u32] and &[u64] slices via pointers.


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