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a minimalistic todo app for terminal enthusiasts

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a minimalistic todo app trying to integrate with your existing workflow.

What is this?

tutel is built upon a simple principle: One Todo-List per directory.
Why? Because you (probably) already have some kind of directory based organization, so there really is no need for your todo app to redo it.
Run it and tutel will either use the todo list(saved in a .tutel.toml file) from your current directory or search upwards until one is found.

Feature Rundown

  • Walk up the current path to find todos of parent directories
  • Add Todos
  • Edit existing Todos
  • Remove Todos
  • Remove all completed todos
  • Consistent Indices of Todos across removals
  • Due dates
  • Shell completions


Using cargo

cargo install tutel

Arch Linux

There's an AUR package.


My overlay contains an ebuild.

Everything else

A Linux-binary is provided in the Release-Tab.


// Create a list within the current directory
tutel new

// Add a todo to the list
tutel add really important thing // Everything after the subcommand is merged, no quotes necessary

// Print the todo list

[X] list with important things
001[X]really important thing

// Mark the task as being completed
tutel done 0

// Edit the task, launches $EDITOR
tutel edit 0

// Remove it
tutel rm 0

// Or remove everything already completed
tutel rm --cleanup

What are all those symbols in my todo list?

 ┌─ sums up if the whole list is completed or not
 │    ┌─ how many recursive steps were taken to reach this
 ▼    ▼
[X] [-1] project name 
  ▲    ▲
  │    └─ the completion state of this task
  └─ the index of the task, used for referencing it in commands

Why the name?

This 🐢


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