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Safe interface for TinySoundFont, a software synthesizer for SoundFont2 files

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rust bindings for TinySoundFontLatest Version

TinySoundFont is a software synthesizer for SoundFont2 sound bank files.

Essentially it can render audio data in 32-bit float or 16-bit (short) int frames. It renders that audio using a loaded soundfont and programmatically-driven note information (soundfont bank and preset, MIDI note number and velocity; and optionally understands MIDI channels).


See the tests in lib.rs for example usage, but we defer mostly to the documentation/examples given in the TinySoundFont repository linked above (though these are in C).

In progress

Only some functions in tsf.h have nice bindings here. It is a work in progress to add the rest. They shouldn't be too difficult based on the ones that have already been done, so feel free to submit a PR with the ones you need! (Or, submit an issue for the ones you need, and a maintainer will look at it if they have time.)

Build requirements

Unfortunately, this library comes with some non-standard build requirements, due to the fact that tsf-sys uses both cc and bindgen. This means that you will need to do some extra setup, even just if this is a dependency (or a dependency of a dependency...).

See the README for tsf-sys for more information.


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