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Pure-rust Defined Networking compatible management server

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0.2.3 Oct 10, 2023
0.2.2 Sep 29, 2023
0.1.5 Aug 5, 2023
0.1.4 Jun 24, 2023

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trifid is an open-souce reimplementation of the Defined Networking management protocol for Nebula networks.

It includes a reimplementation of the API Server, the Web UI, dnclient, nebula-cert and dnapi - all fully API-compatible with the original versions.

We also include a Rust library for interacting with keys and certificates in the Nebula PKI. Find it in trifid-pki/, or on crates.rs as trifid-pki.

Want to make your own Defined Networking client? Check out dnapi-rs! dnapi-rs is a Rust port of the official dnapi Go library, to allow for easy interactions with Defined Networking-compatible API servers. Find it in dnapi-rs/, or on crates.rs as dnapi-rs.

The API implementation is tested with the official dnclient implementaiton, and the dnclient implementation is tested with the official API server, to ensure complete feature parity between the two.

The original Web UI does not work with trifid-api quite yet, as we haven't finished reverse engineering that API. Feature table below:


trifid-api feature table:

Feature trifid-api api.defined.net
Enroll in sites with dnclient Yes Yes
Automatic config update polling by dnclient Not yet Yes
Group-based firewalling Not yet Yes
SSO authentication Not yet Yes
Open-source server Yes No

tfclient feature table:

Feature tfclient dnclient
Enroll in trifid-api/api.defined.net sites Yes Yes
Automatic VPN profile setup Yes Yes
Poll the API server for config updates Yes Yes
Secure Ed25519 signing for API communication Yes Yes


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