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LessPass API server client library and CLI written in Rust

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0.1.0 Dec 10, 2021

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A Rust client for LessPass API server like Rockpass, library and CLI.

If you are looking for a minimal implementation to only get the values from the server see rlpcli.

Library documentation

The library is published in crates.io and its documentation is detailed in docs.rs.

CLI Installation

From binary

Simply download latest release from releases page.

From source

Installing Rust

lesspass-client build has been tested with current Rust stable release version. You can install Rust from your distribution package or use rustup.

rustup default stable

If you prefer, you can use the stable version only for install lesspass-client.

rustup override set stable

Building lesspass-client

To build lesspass-client simply execute the following commands.

git clone https://gitlab.com/ogarcia/lesspass-client.git
cd lesspass-client
cargo build --release

Arch Linux package

lesspass-client is packaged in Arch Linux and can be downloaded from the AUR.


Main command help.

LessPass server API client library and CLI written in Rust

Usage: lesspass-client [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>

  user      User related commands
  password  Password related commands
  help      Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -s, --server <host>                 URL of LessPass server [env: LESSPASS_HOST=] [default: https://api.lesspass.com]
  -u, --user <username>               Username for auth on the LessPass server [env: LESSPASS_USER=]
  -p, --password <password>           Password for auth on the LessPass server [env: LESSPASS_PASS=]
  -m, --master-password <masterpass>  Master password (only needed to print site passwords) [env: LESSPASS_MASTERPASS=]
  -v, --verbose...                    Sets the level of verbosity
  -h, --help                          Print help information
  -V, --version                       Print version information

  Get the password list specifying the server and without token cached:
    lesspass-client -s http://localhost:8000 -u user@sample.com -p passwd password list

  Show a password:
    lesspass-client password show sample.site.com

  Add a new password:
    lesspass-client password add sample.site.com user@site.com

  Update a existing password (you need the ID from password show command):
    lesspass-client password update eed5950b-97f2-4ba9-bf09-7784b6c7e5a2 new.url.com new@email.com

In first time use you need to pass username and password to perform login (see the following section to learn how to obtain the password). After first run, lesspass-client stores the login token in your XDG_CACHE_HOME directory and you can run commands without the need to pass username and password again.

To pass configuration values you can use the CLI options or following environment variables.

Variable Used for
LESSPASS_HOST URL of API server (deafult https://api.lesspass.com)
LESSPASS_USER Username (ex. user@example.com)
LESSPASS_MASTERPASS Master password (only needed to print site passwords)

Every command an subcommand has its own help, simply pass -h or --help to see it. You can see some examples of use in the Rockpass documentation.

How to get the API password

By default the API password is not in plain text but it is encrypted with LessPass itself as another access password. This prevents the password from being sent unencrypted.

The following parameters are used to calculate the password to be sent.

  • Site: lesspass.com
  • Login: The email address you use to authenticate.
  • Master password: The password you use to authenticate.
  • Options: Default. This means all options checked, size 16 and counter 1.

For example, if to authenticate against the API server we use as user test@example.com and as password 123456, this would generate a password Kd*k5i63iN$^z)?V that is the one we must use as LESSPASS_PASS.

You can do this with lesspass-client itself.

$ lesspass-client -m 123456 password build lesspass.com test@example.com


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