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A layer for tracing that outputs to the oslog on macOS/iOS

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This is a tracing layer for the Apple OS logging framework.

Activities are used to handle spans,


use tracing_oslog::OsLogger;

let collector = tracing_subscriber::registry()
	.with(OsLogger::new("moe.absolucy.test", "default"));
tracing::subscriber::set_global_default(collector).expect("failed to set global subscriber");

let number_of_yaks = 3;
// this creates a new event, outside of any spans.
info!(number_of_yaks, "preparing to shave yaks");

let number_shaved = yak_shave::shave_all(number_of_yaks);
	all_yaks_shaved = number_shaved == number_of_yaks,
	"yak shaving completed."


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