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Torrust Index Backend

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This repository serves as the backend for the Torrust Index project, which implements the Torrust Index Application Interface.

We also provide the Torrust Index Frontend project, which is our reference web application that consumes the API provided here.

Torrust Architecture

Key Features

  • Rest API
  • Categories and tags
  • Image proxy cache

Getting Started


  • Rust Stable 1.68

You can follow the documentation to install and use Torrust Index Backend in different ways, but if you want to give it a quick try, you can use the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/torrust/torrust-index-backend.git \
  && cd torrust-index-backend \
  && cargo build --release

And then run cargo run twice. The first time to generate the config.toml file and the second time to run the backend with the default configuration.

After running the tracker the API will be available at http://localhost:3001.


The technical documentation is available at docs.rs.


We welcome contributions from the community!

How can you contribute?

  • Bug reports and feature requests.
  • Code contributions. You can start by looking at the issues labeled "good first issues".
  • Documentation improvements. Check the documentation for typos, errors, or missing information.
  • Participation in the community. You can help by answering questions in the discussions.


The project is licensed under a dual license. See COPYRIGHT.


This project was a joint effort by Nautilus Cyberneering GmbH, Dutch Bits and collaborators. Thank you to you all!


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