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takes Figma Tokens JSON and outputs CSS

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Token Parser

Consumes Figma Tokens JSON files, and outputs CSS.

You can, for example, hook Figma Tokens Sync feature up to a GitHub repo, and then have figma-token-parser run in a GH action. Then on each update you get the updated CSS files outputted to a particular location. This would enable you to update styles in Figma, push changes from the UI, and have the updates automatically propagate to your live site/app/whatever.

This project is in a super-WIP state currently and probably won't work for you. It's only really guaranteed to work with Figma Tokens Pro, and if you use the "multiple files" option that splits your tokens into separate json files in directories instead of one huge json file. It also relies solely on FT's Themes feature right now and has only one command, where it will export a CSS file for each theme in your Figma Tokens setup. I plan to add more functionality in the future to allow for more configurable output, or the option to dump all tokens in one css file (including namespaced values via class name to retain theme support in this setup - see TODOs below.)


yarn add -D figma-token-parser
## or
yarn global add figma-token-parser

You can also install this package via Cargo

cargo install tokenparser


# Below are the default values for the args, 
# you can pass no args or use the dir and out args to suit your environment
tokenparser --dir ./tokens --out ./build

Definitions [WIP]


A collection of tokens from multiple sets, together comprising a theme that can be serialized to CSS or JSON.

Token Set

A single collection of tokens that all logically belong together. It's up to the user in Figma tokens how these are organized.


A single token value with the following shape:

struct TokenDefinition {
	/// The value, even numeric values are given as a string by Figma Tokens
    value: String,
	/// What type of value is this? Color, BorderRadius, FontFamily, etc. (Key is `type` in raw data, but aliased to `kind` for Rust.)
    kind: String,
	id: String, // <--- We add these last two based on the object property names to help with lookups.
	name: String, //


  • Support for if Figma Tokens is set up to export one huge file instead of splitting into files and directories.
  • Support for users that have no Themes, just token sets. (The below should help with this, if we can output the sets separately, we can change the theme output so that by default, all sets get their own css file, and the theme output just uses @import to include the relevant sets in one file.)
  • Devise a way to output the source sets and enabled sets separately. We will want to also keep track of the source sets we have already processed so that we only handle them once (multiple themes may use the same source sets.) Consider also some kind of index file that @import all of the individual sets per-theme with the option to include all, namespaced by a class name on :root
  • Support for JSON export.


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