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Tracks the time spent attached to tmux session

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A utility based on tmux hooks in order to track time attached to each session


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run cargo build --release 3 .Move ./target/release/tmux-time-tracker into you $PATH
  3. Add the following to your tmux.conf:
    set-hook -g client-attached 'run-shell "output=$(tmux-time-tracker geth #{session_name}); tmux-time-tracker attach #{session_name}; tmux display-message \"Total time: \$output\""'
    set-hook -g client-detached 'run-shell "tmux-time-tracker detach"'
    set-hook client-session-changed 'run-shell "tmux-time-tracker detach; tmux-time-tracker attach #{session_name}; output=$(tmux-time-tracker geth #{session_name}); tmux display-message \"Total time: \$output\""'

WARNING: does not work correctly if you attach to the same tmux instance from multiple clients



A CLI program meant to hook into Tmux Allows for tracking the time spent attached to Tmux session


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